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Mission: To bring together individuals who are cosmopolitan, educated, and open-minded - yet committed to the ideals of traditional matrimony.


  About Us

Marrrygold is a personalised, offline, matrimonial matchmaking service for today’s urban Indian.

Our service is based on matching men and women as individuals first, regardless of caste, language, community, history, or horoscope.

In 2011, Marrygold decided to expand its services by adding pre and post marital consulting and support services for their clients.

Marrygold is headquartered in Bangalore, but welcomes applications from any part of India.


Marrygold was set up in 2005 by Nandini Chakraborty, a partner in a specialized HR/Training consultancy with a wide circle of colleagues, clients, vendors, and an even larger circle of friends and acquaintances.

But the idea behind Marrygold began much earlier and quite informally - as a favor to a friend, in fact. One fine day, this friend half-jokingly asked Nandini to find him a bride from among her network, since he was shuttling between countries on work, and had very lilttle time or energy (or opportunity!) to do his own 'hunting'. Long story short: she did, and he is today happily married.

Word spread, and more busy young professionals began asking for help, hoping to find a partner who could share their mindset and attitude to life. Their focus was not on finding similar backgrounds - i.e. similar community, caste, language and so on, but rather on personal compatibility and shared values. It soon became obvious that there was a growing number of people across India (and abroad) who wanted this type of 'liberal' matchmaking.

Nandini decided to address this need in a more organised way, asking long-time friend and colleague Aparna Vishwanathan to join her - and eventually 'Marrygold' the company was born.

Today, Marrygold has grown from a hobby into a respected, niche brand for a very special kind of matchmaking.

In 2007, Aparna moved on to pursue other interests. Marrygold is currently run by Nandini Chakraborty. In light of its expansion, Marrygold has brought on board, Gayathri Chakkangal, a conflict and relationship management consultant, specializing in the area of Coaching and Mediation.

Our name: 'Marrygold' comes from the beautiful marigold flower, which is used to shower blessings on couples in Indian weddings. Our colors - magenta, orange, and gold - reflect both the spirit and joyousness of the traditional Indian wedding, and the values we stand for - happiness, romance, optimism, success, and well-being.

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