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About Marrygold

Marrrygold is a personalised, offline, matrimonial matchmaking service for today’s urban Indian.

Our service is based on matching men and women as individuals first, regardless of caste, language, community, history, or horoscope.

In 2011, Marrygold decided to expand its services by adding pre and post marital consulting and support services for their clients.

Marrygold is headquartered in Bangalore, but welcomes applications from any part of India.

What does Marrygold do?
Marrygold is a matchmaking service for men and women serious about matrimony, unrestricted by caste, community and similar considerations. In 2011, Marrygold decided to expand its services by adding pre and post marital consulting and support services for their clients.

How are you different from other matrimonial sites?
We are not a portal. This website is for information purposes only. We are an offline service.

We filter and match make. We do not accept every registration enquiry. As you can see, Marrygold is not for everybody, and we frequently redirect inquiries to a different type of matrimonial service which might serve them better.

We offer support: through consultations for singles, couples considering marriage and post marital support for married couples. We also offer support for live-in couples.

Note: Marrygold is a niche service with a clear and specific mission. We do not seek to replace traditional or existing methods of matchmaking, but rather to cater to people who want a different approach with different priorities.


About Match Making

Who can sign up?
Anyone above 25 years of age, educated, broad-minded, financially secure, and serious about marriage.

The typical Marrygold client is intelligent, urban, well-settled professionally, broad-minded, has travelled (or wants to travel), enjoys a wide range of hobbies/interests - and has a certain zest for life and living...and love.

How do I register?
Just send us an email @ with your name and a few lines about yourself, and we'll get back to you with details.

I’ve just registered.... what happens next?
After the registration procedure, it takes about a week or two, to process an application, and find a suitable profile. This may take longer depending on the circumstances of the client. If there are no matches we will keep your profile on hold and get in touch with you when we find a suitable match.

Can I register on behalf of someone else?
You can certainly initiate an inquiry (and participate throughout the process) on behalf of someone else. However, we do insist on meeting the candidate in person at least once...and we are always happy to meet family members as well.

I am a single parent / divorced / widowed / a senior citizen / physically challenged. Can I still register?
By all means! But please be specific as to the nature of your situation/requirement so that we understand how to serve you best. We encourage second marriages.


About Premarital preparation:

Who can register for these sessions?
If you are in a relationship and are considering marriage, then, these sessions will help you and your partner prepare in advance towards having a successful marriage.


About Coaching:

What is coaching?
Coaching is a one to one process designed to improve specific skills/ abilities of the individual with the help of a Coach. Coaching tends to focus on achieving outcomes jointly identified by the individual and the coach. 

In what areas do you provide Coaching?
We offer coaching in the following areas: Marriage coaching, Conflict coaching and Life coaching


About Mediation:

What is Mediation?
Mediation is an informal and structured approach of resolving disputes. In this process, a trained neutral Mediator brings two (or more) parties together in order to voice concerns and needs, clear misunderstandings and reach resolution.

How long is the process?

Mediation happens in the form of sessions. These sessions usually last for one to three hours. Depending upon the nature of conflict, Mediation can take anywhere from one to five sessions.




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