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India's premier Boutique Matchmakers.

Mission: To bring together individuals who are cosmopolitan, educated, and open-minded - yet committed to the ideals of traditional matrimony.


  About Us

Marrygold offers the following services aimed at supporting individuals and corporations.

Matchmaking: This is a unique personalised, offline, matrimonial matchmaking service for today’s urban Indian. Our service is based on matching men and women as individuals first, regardless of caste, language, community or horoscope.

Premarital Preparation: This process is designed to increase one's readiness for marriage and be better equipped to deal with differences or disputes that arise. Here couples learn ways to create the foundation for healthy and nurturing relationship by working on the fundamental principles of relationship building. Areas covered range from: trust, intimacy, companionship, common goals and communication. 

Premarital preparation happens in two phases. The first phase will involve group sessions that are designed to be interactive and educative. The second phase will involve couple sessions that are customized to suit the needs of each couple.

Coaching: is a one to one process designed to improve specific skills/ abilities of the individual with the help of a Coach. Coaching tends to focus on achieving outcomes jointly identified by the individual and the coach. 

We offer Coaching in the following areas: Dating coaching, Marriage coaching, Parent-Child coaching, Conflict coaching and Life coaching.

Mediation: is an informal and structured approach of resolving disputes. In this process, a trained neutral Mediator brings two (or more) parties together in order to voice concerns and needs, clear misunderstandings and reach resolution.

We offer Mediation in the following areas: Couple and Family Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Parent - Child Mediation.

Additional services: We organize periodical workshops, talks, events, discussions on various topics ranging from: marriage, parenting, family values etc. We also offer customized workshops and talks for corporations as part of the Employee Relations Program.



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