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Mission: To bring together individuals who are cosmopolitan, educated, and open-minded - yet committed to the ideals of traditional matrimony.


  About Us

“I am so happy in my marriage. Thank you for my lovely husband.”
Smita ,Marrygold client married in 2010

“Nandini has patience and listens with no judgement. Am not the most pleasant person to work with but Nandini is constantly giving me the confidence to meet new people.”
 Arvind , 43 years

“I met Krish through Marrygold and it’s been a wonderful journey. We had our baby a year later and Nandini is like family. She and her team are always there for me, giving me tips, organizing excellent and educative workshops on marriage.” Lata , 30 years

“Marrygold is there for you 24/7”
Vikram , 35 years

*names changed


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